Travel Products

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Body Pocket

Believe it or not, the Body Pocket was actually inspired by clever lingerie that came with tiny pockets

Comfort Blanket

A plush lightweight blanket to keep kiddies snug and warm away from home Super soft and friendly to the touch. Keeps baby snug and warm with fun. Folds neatly for travel. Size: 90 by 60cm.

Travel Earphones

You're on the plane, it's the dead of night and you don't fancy scrambling around for your mp3 player that's somewhere down the side of your seat.

Go Travel Luggage – Check-In 28″

The largest and most spacious in the Pack Flat series, this robust roller is as solid and sturdy as conventional luggage, yet light weight and features an ingenious, world-wide patent pending folding mechanism.

Sleeved Bib

Wipe clean material. Dedicated pocket to collect dropped food. Perfect for meal or play time.

Microwave Sterilising Bags

•Use each bag up to 20 times. •Fits 2 bottles and accessories. •Suitable for most domestic microwave ovens. •No chemicals required.

Combi Glo Lock

Colourful 3 dial padlock for easy luggage identification

Speaker Case

Retro style Speaker Case Integrated audio boosting amplifier Mobile music station with room filling performance Transparent rear window ideal for touch sceen devices


A full length lightweight travel raincoat that'll keep the showers, gales and storms at bay while you enjoy another great British summer.

Monster Pillow

Foam filled and fleecy, it can be used to support a child's head and neck. while they sleep, or alternatively, its quirky good looks provide hours of fun and entertainment What's more, this innovative character pillow is 100% machine washable for easy cleaning.

Poncho & Pouch

Dimensions: Poncho - 1290 x 9400 x 2mm (WxHxD) / Poncho measures 94cm from neck to base hem line. Weight: 107g Quantity: 2 x Ponchos plus 1 x pouch per pack Size: One size fits all

Chair Harness

Chair harness that allows tiny tots to sit self-supported on any dining chair. Product Care: Regularly check for wear and tear and replace if damaged. Discontinue use once child can sit unaided.

Dry Safe

An adjustable money belt that fits round the waist, but also has a waterproof pocket. Perfect for those who are likely to fall into the hotel pool when they walk past it

Hooded Baby Towel

Hooded baby towel perfect for warmth and snuggles after the bath. •Gentle and absorbent cotton. •Perfectly sized to pack for travel. •Cosy and warm after a bath.

Share Adaptor

Plane, train, bus or beach. Share your travel partner's mp3 or other music player with this audio signal splitter that allows for dual headphone use off one player. We cannot supply your pal with a better taste in music. Sadly.

Dynamo Torch

An eternal flame - bright, effective and reliable lighting that keeps on burning. The Dynamo Torch is a compact, sleek design offering 3 LED functions. With no batteries required, simply wind and use for instant light. Perfect for camping, outdoors, or kept in a car for emergencies Technical info

Dual Combi / Key Lock

A dual TSA accepted lock that opens using your own combination code or handy back-up key.

Kids Dynamo Torch

Who's afraid of the dark? This cute frog dynamo torch will light up even the darkest space. Requiring no batteries, it can be wound up by even the smallest hands and emits a safe beam of light. Ideal for use inside and outside, this torch will provide hours of fun at home or away.