Travel Products

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Slimlite Torch

Clip-on adjustable L.E.D. reading light Freestanding portable bedside lamp Powerful hand torch 4 LEDs with dimmer power saving function H110mm x W40mm x D13mm Composition = plastic / electronic

Poncho & Pouch

Dimensions: Poncho - 1290 x 9400 x 2mm (WxHxD) / Poncho measures 94cm from neck to base hem line. Weight: 107g Quantity: 2 x Ponchos plus 1 x pouch per pack Size: One size fits all

Mini Floodlight

Powerful enough to light up a room, this LED torch has a wide expansive mega beam. Equipped with COB (chips on board)

Bag Dispenser

Attach to changing bag or buggy. Lightly scented to help conceal odours. Contains 1 dispenser and 2 refill rolls (20 bags per roll).

Door Stop

How To Use: Simply fit to the top or outer edge of door, out of your child's reach. Do not fit within 15cm of top corner. Warning: This product is a deterrent and not a substitute for proper adult supervision. Fit as instructed at all times and only use if the product cannot be reached by children. Inspect regularly for signs of wear and tear.

Sew Kit

Sew Kit Scissors, several colours of thread, needles, spare buttons all included.

Kindle Case

Simple yet efficient, this e-book travel case has been created from a tough, dense neoprene material to protect from surface damage and absorb impact when accidentally knocked or dropped.

Travel Earphones

You're on the plane, it's the dead of night and you don't fancy scrambling around for your mp3 player that's somewhere down the side of your seat.

Travel Blanket

A plush lightweight blanket to keep babies snug and warm away from home. Soft and friendly to the touch. Lightweight for travel. Keeps baby snug and warm. Folds compactly for packing.

Hooded Baby Towel

Hooded baby towel perfect for warmth and snuggles after the bath. •Gentle and absorbent cotton. •Perfectly sized to pack for travel. •Cosy and warm after a bath.

Power Bank

Talk and charge simultaneously with this 2000mAH emergency phone charger for use with smartphones or small USB devices. An excellent back-up power source,

Go Travel Luggage – Check-In 28″

The largest and most spacious in the Pack Flat series, this robust roller is as solid and sturdy as conventional luggage, yet light weight and features an ingenious, world-wide patent pending folding mechanism.


A full length lightweight travel raincoat that'll keep the showers, gales and storms at bay while you enjoy another great British summer.

Share Adaptor

Plane, train, bus or beach. Share your travel partner's mp3 or other music player with this audio signal splitter that allows for dual headphone use off one player. We cannot supply your pal with a better taste in music. Sadly.

Sleeved Bib

Wipe clean material. Dedicated pocket to collect dropped food. Perfect for meal or play time.

Corner Protectors

Caution: This product is not a substitute for constant adult supervision. Discontinue use when child is able to peal away and remove. Warning: Adhesive may not stick on oiled or unclean surfaces.

Change Mat

A lightweight, cotton baby changing mat with waterproof backing ideal for travel. Age: From newborn Composition: cotton/polyester Dimensions: 600 x 370 x 4mm (WxHxD) Weight: 71g

Neoprene Bib

•Soft yet durable neoprene fabric. •Dedicated pocket to collect dropped food. •Folds neatly for travel.