Survey reveals most popular ways to romance a partner this Valentine’s Day

Survey reveals most popular ways to romance a partner this Valentine’s Day

Staffordshire, Friday 6th February: When it comes to what to get a loved one for Valentine’s Day it’s often a straight choice of whether to “go traditional” or “think outside the box”. Overwhelmingly it appears as though Brits are in the former camp, according to a survey of 550 males and females

The survey asked users what they think people really want for Valentine’s Day 2015 to get an insight into people’s romantic side, and discovered that traditional ideas are still the most popular choice by far.

92% of respondents chose one of what could be considered a “clichéd” Valentines surprise, with a mix of options that would suit any budget.

Unsurprisingly being taken out for a romantic meal in a restaurant took the top spot. When it came to splashing the cash, a weekend away was the second most popular idea, with 10% of respondents opting to leave the stress of modern life behind for some quality time.

A spa break and pampering was next with 8%, which goes to prove that you can’t beat being the center of attention for a while, especially at the expense of your partner.

Perhaps surprisingly, Lingerie was not a popular option, with just 1% of respondents choosing to spice up their relationships with something a bit more racy.

Perfume or aftershave seemed a better bet with 3% opting for their favourite fragrance or perhaps a bit of a change of scent, but handbags, shoes or clothes seems the safest bet for a purchase with 5% opting for a fancy new wardrobe accessory over anything else.

The clichés are still a good choice if there’s a bit less to spend though. Flowers (7%) and chocolates (6%) both made the list in respectable positions, suggesting this is one time of year where you can get away with a lack of imagination.

Even on a tighter budget, b

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eing cooked for (7%) needn’t cost a lot, but is still a popular treat, and a romantic 10% simply wanted to spend quality time with their partners, no matter what it is they do.

Time away from the kids also made an appearance with 5% of the votes, and 7% simply wanted a surprise or an outing with a difference, so there are still points to be scored for imagination.

And for those who find Valentine’s Day to be more of a chore, spare a thought for the 3% of respondents that said all they want is a partner.

“Our survey was meant as a bit of fun but showed that generally we’re quite traditional as Brits when it comes to ideas for Valentine’s Day” said Keir McConomy, Founder of “It’s also interesting to see that people have found ways to celebrate on all levels of budget, and in some cases don’t expect anything particularly extravagant at all.”

In fact just 8% of respondents chose a slightly less obvious option, with some of the more creative being a hamster, a rose bush, and gardening tools to do the weeding. Perhaps traditional is the best bet after all.

List in full:
Valentines treat: %
Romantic Meal: 11.1
Weekend Away: 9.8
Time with Other Half: 9.5
Spa Break: 8
Other: 7.8
Flowers: 6.9
To be Cooked for: 6.5
Chocolates: 5.5
Clothes/Handbags/Shoes: 4.9
Time Away from the Kids: 4.7
Jewellery: 4.5
A Trip Out: 4.5
Perfume: 3.3
A Partner: 2.7
Watch a Film: 2.4
Surprise: 2.4
Engaged: 2.4
Champagne: 1.3
Lingerie: 1.1
Hot Air Balloon Trip: 0.7

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