Greencoat® Wax-Free Boxes at PACK EXPO International 2014: A Huge Step in the Right Direction

Greencoat® Wax-Free Boxes at PACK EXPO International 2014: A Huge Step in the Right Direction

Bar CodeInterstate Container is showcasing Greencoat®, its wax-free, strong, and eco-friendly corrugated boxes at Booth # N- 5883 during PACK EXPO International 2014.

During PACK EXPO International 2014, Interstate Container will demonstrate the strength and water resistance of their pioneering Greencoat® wax-free boxes. Interstate Container representatives will meet with visitors in Booth N-5883 to discuss Greencoat® boxes, customer requirements, and Greencoat® side-by-side trials throughout the 4-day event. Representatives at the booth include:

Pete Bugas, Director-Global Greencoat® Group
Doug Mckee, General Manager
Jeff Cormier, National Sales Manager
Anne Potterton, Regional Sales Manager
Elyse Cristos, Sales Account Manager

Greencoat® Wax-Free Boxes: Sustainable, Water-Resistant, & Cost-EfficientProven Sustainability. Greencoat® wax-free boxes are FBA-certified 100% recyclable, repulpable, and compostable. The eco-friendly box reduces environmentally-harmful greenhouse gas emissions generated from burning unrecyclable corrugated packaging.

According to Global Green USA Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR), fresh produce, meats and seafood producers generate 1.45 million tons of solid waste from paraffin-coated cardboard alone. Thus, an industry shift to recyclable corrugated packaging could reduce America’s annual carbon emissions by 4.5 million mtCO2e.

Mountaire Farms, operating the largest poultry processing facility in North America, reduced 150,000 mtCO2/annually since shifting nearly 100% of its 500 million square feet of boxes to Greencoat®.

Tested Strength & Water Resistance. Greencoat® boxes are moisture-resistant, temperature-resistant, and strong enough to pack and transport poultry, seafood, meat, fresh produce, as well as other refrigerated and frozen products. This recyclable box can endure shifts from cold-to-hot, rough handling, long trips, as well as transport iced products without sacrificing strength or performance.

During trials with NAFCO, the largest regional seafood distributor in the Mid-Atlantic, Greencoat boxes successfully transported iced Chesapeake Bay seafood across 500 miles. Additionally, Mountaire Farms transitioned nearly 100% from waxed boxes to Greencoat® wax-free boxes, and currently ships over 2 million Greencoat® boxes filled with poultry every month.

Demonstrated Cost-Effectiveness. By using Greencoat® boxes, the retail industry and restaurant sector will cut or avoid landfill disposal costs ranging from $65-$125 / ton (tipping fees & pull). ‘Retailers and restaurants could realize a net benefit of combined cost savings and revenue generation of $200 million nationwide’ – Global Green USA CoRR.


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